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Li Xin hydraulic entrepreneurship early product positioning: committed to the design, development and production of high-end hydraulic machine. Strengthen cooperation with many domestic colleges over the years, technology absorption, the introduction, in 2002 to develop the industry cold crowded fast hydraulic machine, 2004 NC multi-station hydraulic bending machine, 2006 the Cold Extrusion fast energy saving hydraulic press, in 2008, 450 tons High precision CNC synchronize multi-models to the forefront of the extruder, 300 tons of CNC servo tensile test machine industry.

Based on long-term strategic development plan, optimize enterprise management, horizontally diversified development, Sheng Hao mechanical joint venture, with large CNC planing sets of horizontal boring and milling machine, CNC horizontal boring and milling machine, large gantry milling machine, lathe and other processing equipment to meet production needsand external processing business.The three insisted: Xin Yong Xin enterprise adhering to adhere to quality given survival, adhere to the first-class service for our customers, adhere to the purpose of the operation and development of scientific and technological innovation, market rules follow the win-win cooperation, to provide customers with high quality products and services. The main production four-poster, framed, multi-station, open, NC-based, industry plane hydraulic machine series more than 100 kinds of specifications. And customers can request the design and production of a wide range of hydraulic equipment for automated production lines, automatic robot. The products are widely used in molding, stamping, pressing, stretching, blanking process. Major customers: hardware manufacturing, automotive parts, glasses, metal jewelry, jewelry, kitchenware, car industry components, sealing products, curing, powder metallurgy, mold manufacturing industry.  

The "Li Xin hydraulic" Product standard hydraulic system configuration using the Italian "ATOS" Taiwan "DOFLUTD numerical control system used by the U.S. Parker, Italy" ATOS ", electrical components used in Japan" Omron "French" TE ", and seals the British HALLITE(He to special) and Taiwan and other brands. Hydraulic cylinder to the the overall alloy casting and 45 # forged pistons, finite element stress analysis of the overall welding rack fuselage. Looking to the future, we will be "energy-saving, quick, CNC Automation is the concept of product upgrades, industrial revolution in the services sector to provide more outstanding product design, development and continue the struggle!

Li Xin Features  四柱液压机|冷挤压机|温挤压机|快速液压机

Energy saving and environmental protection: state-of-the-art hydraulic system, electrical configuration, creating the super performance of energy-saving.   

Hydraulic system: Italy "ATOS", Taiwan "Dongfeng" complete hydraulic combination.   

Technology Smart: CNC system for man-machine interface, PLC programming, production line computer network monitoring.   

Rack design: the whole industrial design, finite element stress analysis, rugged and beautiful.

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